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‘We are all very tired of your cringe messages’: Andrew Tate’s team mocks alleged victims when asked to comply with court order granting them anonymity

Lawyers for the defendants say the Tates are spreading their names to harass them


Marlon Ettinger


Posted on Nov 21, 2023

Lawyers for Andrew and Tristan Tate’s alleged victims in the Romanian sex trafficking case against the brothers asked a Florida court to hold the brothers in contempt for violations of a pseudonymity order granted to the women in a civil case brought against them, citing repeated violations of the order by their lawyers.

Lawyers for the victims cited multiple occasions when Tate’s lawyers shared personal details about the victims during proceedings leading up to the court granting the order, noting that “there is a risk of physical harm and that the safety concerns apply equally to all Defendants.”

The case in question was filed by the Tate brothers against their alleged victims in July, alleging defamation, false imprisonment, interference with a business relationship, civil conspiracy, negligent infliction of emotional distress, and intentional infliction of emotional distress, and seeks $5 million in damages.

Lawyers for the defendants have argued that the Tates filed the suit to harass their alleged victims, citing publicly posted videos where Andrew Tate discussed “how to destroy haters.”

“I will sue you for any and every reason forever,” the lawyers quoted Tate as saying in an interview in 2022, “and you’re gonna have to hire lawyers and turn up for ever. I will do that. I’m that guy. I’m petty. I’m petty and I’ve got a lot of money and a lot of time.”

Included among filings in the lawsuit are text message logs and victim statements from the Romanian criminal case that put the brothers in prison in December last year. The Tates filed those documents to advance the false idea that the Romanian criminal case was based entirely on allegations from the women they’re suing. In one victim statement, a woman described “freezing” after being strangled by Tristan Tate before they had sex. The Tate brothers maintain that these statements are false and all relationships they had were consensual.

Lawyers for the victims say that despite the court order, Tate’s lawyers have kept up an unredacted complaint as well as a press release on their legal firm’s website. Those documents contain the names of the alleged victims’ and their family and associates who the Tates are suing. 

They also cited a livestream Tate’s lawyer Joseph McBride appeared on the Fresh & Fit podcast where he shared personal details about the defendants, painting them as a scheming pair of women who concocted a fabricated story about sex trafficking to frame the brothers.

A link to the unredacted lawsuit is still included in the description of that video.

Lawyers for the women sent an email to Tate’s lawyers last asking them to comply with the court order by refiling documents on the docket with redactions, as well as removing the documents they’re hosting elsewhere, or they would file a complaint asking for sanctions.

“We are all very tired of your cringe messages,” replied McBride in an email last Wednesday. Since then he hasn’t taken any steps to comply with the order

Tate’s legal team didn’t respond to a question about why they haven’t replied with the court order.

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*First Published: Nov 21, 2023, 2:30 pm CST