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‘I wanted to teach them a lesson’: Man picks shirt out at Walmart after hearing 2 guys say it looks ‘gay.’ Here’s what he said next

'When I tell you the look on their faces...'


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Posted on Nov 20, 2023   Updated on Nov 20, 2023, 8:04 am CST

Do you ever think of the perfect scathing response long after the moment has passed? This Walmart man did not have that issue. He served perfect back-to-back comebacks to a pair of teenage boys who called a shirt “gay” in a derogatory way.

In the TikTok video, Chris (@stanchrissss) explains that he overheard two boys talking about how a shirt “looks so gay.”

For those unaware, “That’s gay” is a 2000s-era insult meaning something is stupid or dumb. It’s a derogatory insult that has partially faded out of pop culture as people became more mindful that it’s hateful to add a negative connotation to an entire group’s sexuality.

While Chris would normally mind his business in this situation, he noticed they were teenagers and wanted to teach them a lesson.

Chris walked right up to the shirt they’d been making fun of, grabbed it, and stared them both down.

“What are you doing bro?” they ask him.

“You said this shirt was gay so I wanted it,” Chris said. It’s likely fair to say that wasn’t the response the teenagers expected.

They asked if he was gay and Chris shared that he was. The boys then proceed to say one of the most stereotypical things they could say in the moment.

“So you think we’re hot, don’t you?” the boys asked.

“No, you guys don’t gotta worry. I’m only attracted to men,” Chris said back, noting their age and immaturity.

Reader, just because a person is attracted to a person of the same gender doesn’t mean they’re attracted to every one of that gender—something these teens seemed to have missed.

“When I tell you the look on their faces. They had no idea what to say,” Chris says with a smile.

All of this turned out to be over what appears to be a very basic navy long-sleeved t-shirt.


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The video has nearly 400,000 views and over 750 comments as of Monday morning.

“THAT WAS THE SHIRT????” a top comment read

“Love that u actually bought the shirt,” a person wrote.


The Daily Dot reached out to Chris for comment via email.

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*First Published: Nov 20, 2023, 9:00 am CST