Are fans getting tired of the MCU?

Are fans getting tired of the MCU?

A sense of disinvestment in the studio’s constant output is becoming more and more widespread.

On Nov 19, 2023 by Kira Deshler

Martin Scorsese

Martin Scorsese is the internet’s new It Girl

The memesters and the chronically online have claimed Scorsese as one of their own. 

On Nov 12, 2023 by Kira Deshler

james franco montage to illustrate story on james franco movies

James Franco movies: The complete list

There's a definite drop-off in the amount of work Franco has put out since 2018, and there's a reason for that.

On Nov 8, 2023 by Phil West

first time meme: James Franco in The Ballad of Buster Scruggs

What is the ‘First Time’ meme? And how did it start?

It's based on what one movie critic called 'the best joke of the year.'

On Nov 6, 2023 by Phil West

The Exorcist: Believer Trailer scene girls possessed looking up

The Exorcist, a history

With every new addition, the world of "The Exorcist" continues to expand, eliciting a mix of nostalgia and anticipation from its global fanbase.

On Oct 26, 2023 by Kahron Spearman

Taylor Swift singing into microphone (l) movie theater audience watching movie eating popcorn (r)

Swifties are reshaping the concert movie experience

Is the Eras Tour movie a recipe for chaos?

On Oct 22, 2023 by Kira Deshler

mean girls tiktok

Paramount put ‘Mean Girls’ on TikTok. Here’s why it matters.

In vertical video, cut up into 20+ pieces, just as the filmmakers intended.

On Oct 5, 2023 by Lon Harris

American Black bear face up close

Did the real Cocaine Bear kill anyone?

'Cocaine Bear' was about as direct as a movie title can get. But did the real bear it's based on actually kill people?

On Sep 27, 2023 by Phil West

Stop trying to make Barbenheimer happen

Your attempt to make Barbenheimer happen again won’t work

The latest attempt to replicate Barbenheimer? Exorswift.

On Aug 31, 2023 by Michelle Jaworski

Ten Eras Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is giving fans the full Eras Tour experience (including ticket queues) with concert film

Swifties are getting to relive getting tickets for The Eras Tour all over again

On Aug 31, 2023 by Michelle Jaworski

Margot Robbie as Barbie in Barbie (l) Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (r)

‘Barbie’ fans are celebrating the film’s box office victory over ‘Harry Potter’

'Barbie' is officially more popular than the highest-grossing 'Potter' movie.

On Aug 29, 2023 by Gavia Baker-Whitelaw


Is MovieTok replacing film criticism? No, no it’s not

Why direct comparisons between TikTok reviewers and critics like Pauline Kael don’t work.

On Aug 17, 2023 by Lon Harris

teacher wearing witch hat

‘Because that’s what I wrote’: Teacher scene from ‘Hocus Pocus’ draws laughs, questions

She went all-out in a bit of exposition.

On Aug 7, 2023 by Michelle Jaworski

Florence Pugh looking at the camera and crying in the movie Oppenheimer. She plays Jean Tatlock.

What ‘Oppenheimer’ left out about Jean Tatlock

Many details about her life are not shown in the Christopher Nolan film.

On Aug 5, 2023 by Michael Boyle

woman using phone in movie theatre

Barbenheimer brought out the rude theatergoers—and everyone noticed

During the Barbenheimer craze, people were filming and taking photos of both films, sometimes with the flash on.

On Aug 5, 2023 by Tiffany Kelly